Voyagers of the Vikings

The interest in the Scandinavian culture - and particularly in the Viking Age - has recently reemerged after having been dormant for about seventy years. Scandinavian research reveils that the Vikings, apart from being war-loving predators who entered the beaches and devastaded the cities of Europe, also were excellent craftsmen known for their distinguished - often refined - ornaments, mostly with animal motifs, and for their finely made filigree-work. By Viking´s roving activities, large parts of Europe were affected by their creativity and cultural development.

The Åsgård company named after the realm of the Scandinavian gods, is reviving the epoch of the Vikings and their ancestors by reproducing parts of their culture, art and religion. The production consists of art objects which in form and appearance are similar to the imaginative treasures of Scandinavia, mostly from Norway.

Seventeen Norwegian artists have recalled to life images of the old gods, selected jewellery of the past, and Norwegian folk craft which has developed out of the old patterns. Books on Norse mythology tell the story of the creators behind these intricate art forms.

If you want to experience the magic of this fascinating ancient world, you will find it in the well equipped storehouse of Åsgård!