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Mille-Marie Treschow is Norway´s richest woman, and through her husbond billionaire Stein Erik Hagen, they oversee the largest private fortune in the Kingdom of Norway. Mille-Marie is a daughter of Gerhard Aage and Nanna Treschow. She is currently married for the third time to Stein Erik Hagen.

Her previous marriage to Andreas Stang produced two children, Michael Andreas Stang Treschow, born in 1986, and Victoria Stang Treschow, born in 1989. She was educated a MBA in Switzerland, she has additional economic studies from the United States of America and home economics studies from France.


She was a keen rider from early on, and played handball at a county level. She is also very interested in sailing, and oceanic activities. Together with her husbond she reportedly owns one of the biggest sailboats in Europe. She currently lives at Frizøehus, which is one of the most lavish privately owned manor houses in Norway. With its 96 rooms, it is the second largest occupied home after the Royal Palace in Oslo. The ground surrounding the manor, is comprised of English gardens, sculpture gardens with Vigeland-sculptures and forests that cover an area of about 70 acres.


Usually the eldest son inherited the family businesses and the properties. But a series of unfortunate accidental deaths and tragedies during the 20th century, has led to Miss. Treschow being in charge of the family and the company.

Her father took over the business because his elder brother was killed in an avalanche in 1947. Her brother died together with the young Mr. Løvenskiold, of the neighboring noble family of Løvenskiold in Skien, in what appears to have been a shooting accident.

The only thing found was the gun and the two young boys, which led to discreet speculations of collective suicide or murder. Her aunt was paralyzed in a diving accident, and died in 1952, only 39 years old.


Mille-Marie Treschow is the leader of the family consortium Treschow Fritzøe, which is the basis for the family´s leading role in wood, timber and rock-development. Due to the early death of her father, Mr. Treschow, she took over the company in 1986, just out of education abroad.