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Atlantic Ocean Road
Atlantic Ocean Road

Since 1909 plans have been made to connect the island Averøy to the mainland. For the sea itself was hardly cooperative. All of the hurricanes tried to prevent the building of this road, which now winds its way across bridges and embank ments from islet to islet, and connects Averøy with the mainland.

The construction started on august 1st 1983 and was opened 7. July 1989. The total length of the Road is 8,274 metres. The Atlantic Ocean Road is a unique road connection between the municipalities Averøy and Eide.

Atlantic Ocean Road

The Atlantic Ocean Road takes you over 8 brigdes from islet to islet out to the very point where the land ends and the ocean begins. The name of the bridges are Vevangstraumen Bridge (119 metres), Hulvågen Bridges (3 bridges - 293 metres), Storseisundet Bridge (260 metres), Geitøysundet Bridge (52 metres), Store Lauvøysund Bridge (52 metres) and Lille Lauvøysund Bridge (115 metres).

This unique highway will bring you out to the very farthest point where the land ends and the ocean begins. And once there, the boundless 9 majesty of the ocean will provide you with a sight you will never forget. No more than a few stones" throw towards the west an important 9 shipping fairway crosses the notorious Hustadvika, where in numerable ships´ wrecks on the seabed bear silent witness to the dramas of the past.

If you are visiting this area, include a stop on one of the resting and picnic sites along the road and enjoy refreshing ocean air. If it is warm and sunny, take a nice sun bath on one of the many sloping rocks by the water´s edge.

What is so special about the Atlantic Ocean Road is that you will get an unique nature experience at any season. The winter has it´s own charm, spring comes early, summer is delightful, and fall dramatic. Fall is the most exciting time here. Visit when a violent gail rages, waves slashing against the road, and enjoy the forces of nature at it´s wildest. Be sure to bring your camera.
  Atlantic Ocean Road

The Atlantic Ocean Road is excellently situated for many kind of outdoor activities, like hiking, jogging, bicycling, rowing, paddling, as well as diving and last but not least, fishing.

This a wonderful landscape for bicycling, not too hilly. Families with children tag along and enjoy the scenery.

Yearly a race for runners is arranged, called Atlanterhavsløpet. This race draws runners from all over Norway and from Europe. There is a special class for the slower joggers and those who just want to join for adventure.

This is a diver´s paradise. The waters here are exceptionally clear and the area one of the best along the coast for subsea photography

There is more to the Atlantic Ocean Road than roads and bridges! Park your car on one of the parking sites and walk just a short distance to the best fishing places. There you may catch a nice coal fish which tastes deliciously grilled on a campfire. Using a boat gives you even better catch. Local people have boats for rent.

Atlantic Ocean Road

Did the Creator perhaps have motorists in mind when one sunrise. He cast this myriad of islets - Strømsholmen, Skarvøya, Lyngholmen, Geitøya, Kuholmen, and whatever they´re all called around as a protection against the forces of the sea?

Throughout history, although the sea has been both larger and transport route to our coastal populations, in storm it has been a dreaded enemy. The fairways along our coasts have some notorious stretches of open sea, of which Hustadvika probably stands out as most frequently associated with storm and shipwreck, brave fishermen and seamen, and daring rescues. Hustadvika, an infamous stretch of ocean, is an unforgettable experience whatever the weather.

Svevestien walking path and the very special service house built on Eldhusøya is a project at the interface between building and art. The elevated walking path at Eldhusøya island is a round trip that everybody can manage, and it open every day, all year.

By car it is easy to reach either from Molde or Kristiansund.