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Bergen, fjord-Norway´s capital surrounded by seven mountains, boasts nearly 1000 years´ experience in welcoming people from abroad. There´s always a party or a celebration going on in Bergen, and if there isn´t one, we´ll find an excuse! Bergen is an international town full of history and tradition; a big town with small-town charm and atmosphere, with Restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, shopping complexes, and other places have opened.

 Fish Market  
Fishmarket Bergen is a spectacular amphitheatre clambering up the mountainsides, looking over the sea, embracing you.

Walk the length of Bryggen to the old fortress of Bergenhus. The Hanseatic wharf Bryggen was the very first buildings in Bergen alongside the harbour, the Fish Market, the composer Edvard Grieg´s home at Troldhaugen and Fløibanen. Stroll leisurely to the Aquarium to see the fish, the penguins and the seals.

The World´s Most Beautiful Voyage (Coastal Steamer) starts or end in Bergen.
 Trond Østgaard