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fløibanen, floeibanen

Fløibanen is one of Norway´s most famous tourist attractions and the only cable car of its kind in Scandinavia. Make sure to include this experience in your visit to "the city of seven mountains"! You have not really seen Bergen before you ascend to the roof of Bergen on the Fløibanen funicular.

Fløibanen´s lower station is located in the centre of Bergen, just a short walk from two of Bergen´s other famous attractions, the Fish Market and Bryggen. Mount Fløyen is well worth your visit! The ascent on the funicular takes only 5 - 6 minutes, lifting you up to the roof of Bergen, 320 meters above sea level. From the top of Mount Fløyen you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city and its beautiful surroundings. Words can hardly do justice to this magnificent panorama. So make sure you ride Fløibanen before you leave Bergen.

On top of Mount Fløyen there is a cafe and restaurant, and a playground filled with adventure for children. Enjoy the beautiful bird´s eye view of the islands and fjords surrounding Bergen.

Mount Fløyen is a nature retreat that offers fantastic opportunities for relaxation and recreation. The mountains around Bergen are excellent for hiking and exploring, at your own chosen pace. A good network of trails tempts you to short or long walks, or energetic hiking in the mountains above Bergen.

There are several huts where you´re welcome to enjoy your trail snacks with a roof over your head. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of some of Bergen´s leading companies, six new picnic huts have been erected on Fløyen. For locals and visitors alike, these huts often provide a goal for their mountain hike. There, they look forward to a break and a well-deserved snack. Naturally, no rain shower will dampen your appetite. The huts are quite visible from the trail and clearly marked on the map. At Fløysletten and by Skomakerdiket pond, there are tables and benches, stone barbecues and designated campfire spots. Anyone enjoying mountain hiking in Bergen is welcome to use them.


This illuminated ski circuit is 5 km long, through forested and hilly terrain, on snow-covered gravel roads and trails that are popular with joggers and walkers the rest of the year. In the winter it´s a magnet for those who appreciate skiing. When there is enough snow on the ground, you will find a prepared ski track. The lights are on until 11 pm during the winter.


This meadow is just a few minutes´ walk from the upper Fløibanen station. It´s a popular destination, especially for young children and their parents. There is a large open area for the children to safely explore, while their watchful parents can relax. Fløysletten meadow is easily accessible with a pram. The meadow offers a stone barbecue, a designated campfire, picnic tables and benches. In the winter, it´s a favourite site for toboggans.


A number of the areas near Fløyen are ideal for short afternoon walks. It´s the perfect way to relax after a hard day´s work or sightseeing. Start by taking Fløibanen to the top. From Mount Fløyen there are many great hiking options, especially if you´re willing to walk beyond the most trodden paths.

From Blåmansveien road you can, for instance, follow Halvdang Griegsvei through the forest to Nedrediket lake. Then you can continue up the valley to Storediket lake and southwards to Brushytten (the hut is open Sundays for refreshments). Here you can relax while you choose which trail to follow next - deep into the mountains, or a scenic path down to Bergen.


There are seven mountains surrounding Bergen and several of them are within reach once you reach Brushytten. You can walk up Rundemansveien to Mount Rundemanen. Then you can follow the mountain trail over to Langediket and Krokediket lakes, down to Storevatnet lake and over to Sandviksfjellet mountain, before finally heading back to Halvdan Griegsvei and to Fløyen.


Starting at Brushytten you can hike to Blåmanen, one of Bergen´s seven mountains. Just walk up Rundemansveien, head south by Store Tindevatnet lake and follow the trail until it again turns northwards. Then you can walk past the eastern shore of Store and Lille Tindevatnet. Your route turns westwards again before descending down to Brushytten. From Fløibanen´s upper station this is a moderately challenging hike.


This is the most classic hike in the mountains of Bergen, and the alpine scenery is magnificent! From the upper station of Fløibanen, head toward Brushytten, then up Bergensbakken, past Tarlebøvatnet lake. The journey continues to Langelifjellet and Borgaskaret, over to Storfjellet and Skomakerdalen valley. The trail turns westwards again, past Årstadhytten cabin to Mount Ulriken. A series of cairns clearly marks your route. You must allow five-six hours for this hike, and be sure to bring warm clothing - the mountain plateau is at the mercy of fickle weather.

SODA POP HUT (Brushytten)

This well-known hut is about 1.8 km from the upper station, along a gravel road and on a steep trail through the forest. Brushytten is usually open on Sundays, offering refreshments to eager hikers, young and old. There are a number of trails that lead to Brushytten, and you have the option of stopping at one of the picnic huts along the way. From Brushytten you can hike further up into the mountains above Bergen, to Blåmanen or Rundemanen. It is a mountain walk that is very popular with Bergen families. Follow the trail and you´ll soon learn why!


The enjoyable walk to Aasebu passes through 1.5 km of hilly terrain, along a gravel road from the upper station. Follow the gravel road toward Brushytten and turn left at the start of Halfdan Griegsvei. At Aasebu, there is a picnic hut and a heated hut that are open to everyone. By the way, Aasebu lies along the illuminated forest trail. You have numerous options for your return walk, or you can hike further into the unspoiled mountains of Bergen.


You pass this pond on your way to Brushytten; it´s just above the main road. The gravel road up to the pond is an immensely popular place for sleds during winter.

Important information for mountain walks

The directional signs on the Bergen mountains show the main trails, which are clearly labelled on tour maps. Be aware that recent storms, snow and ice, or vandalism, may turn these signs. This makes it especially important to show respect for the weather and fog and weather changes can come suddenly in the mountains. It´s always wise to bring a good map and compass.

The Right of Common Access grants you the privilege to wander the wilderness freely, and enjoy nature´s bounty. But you are also responsible for making sure others who follow, can share that enjoyment.

No one is allow to pitch a tent or camp out in the Fløyen area. No fishing, bathing or camps are allowed in or near the city of Bergen´s drinking water supply. In the Fløyen area, barbecuing and fires are strictly limited to designated areas, especially from 15 April to 15 September. Dogs must always be kept on a leash, at all times of the year.