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Thon Hotels is one of Norway´s largest hotel chains with hotels in Norway, Sweden, Belgium and Holland. Our four concepts; City, Conference, Budget and Resort cover all your hotel requirements - whatever the occasion. We know that our guests have different hotel needs on different occasions. This is why we have developed four concepts which will make it easier to choose the right hotel. By offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the hotel and a high level of service among knowledgable employees, we will give our guests a positive hotel experience every time they stay with us.

Thon Hotels is part of the Olav Thon Group and have certifying all its hotels in Norway as Eco-Lighthouse. Thon Hotels offers free wireless internet access for guests at all our hotels in Norway and Sweden.

The chain is the largest in Norway´s major towns and cities, with among others 15 hotels in Oslo City Centre and four hotels in Bergen, Thon Hotels also has alpine hotels and hotels abroad.

Thon Hotels has 66 hotels in Norway. Our four concepts; City, Conference, Budget and Resort cover all your hotel requirements - whatever the occasion. Choosing a hotel couldn´t be easier. With us you get exactly what you are looking for.

See all the Norwegian Thon Hotels and where they are placed.

Choose between:

olav thon hotels budgetSmart, simple and modern hotels offering you affordable

olav thon hotels, cityCity centre comfort hotels - perfect for the business traveller

olav thon hotels, conferenceProfessional conference hotels - your meeting place in Norway


Thon Hotels has modern conference hotels in Brussels, Norway and Sweden. At our conference hotels you will get advice and assistance from our professional conference hosts. You can also expect high-standard meeting rooms and technical equipment. Thon Hotels has conference facilities for all types of events - from comfortable group rooms to large congress halls. Our professional conference hotels offer tailored events, suited to fit your needs.


You can get better rates on hotel accommodation, seminars, conferences and meetings with a Thon Hotels corporate contract. Corporate customers. Does your company spend a lot on hotel accommodation, conferences, meetings and seminars? A corporate contract with Thon Hotels gives you better prices and a simple way to book on our website. We have corporate contracts for small, medium and large businesses, all according to your needs.


Check out our offers, including hotel accommodation, activities and experiences. We are putting together offers that makes it easier for you to pick your holiday. Skiing, city breaks, golf and family trips - we offer a variety of packages.


Thon DISCOVERY is our loyalty programme. It is free to become a member, and as a member you get benefits for stays at all our hotels as well as 450 other hotels worldwide. It pays off to be a loyal guest at Thon Hotels. As a member of Thon DISCOVERY you get bonus points and benefits at all our hotels, in addition to more 450 hotels worldwide through our partnership with Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) - the world"s largest hotel alliance. As a new member of Thon DISCOVERY you also become part of the membership programme GHA Discovery.

Thon DISCOVERY and GHA Discovery consist of three membership levels; Gold, Platinum and Black. The memberhip level is based on the number of nights you stay during a year at one of our hotels or one of the other chains which is a part of GHA.


Why become a Thon DISCOVERY member?
You get several benefits when staying at both our hotels and more than 450 other hotels worldwide
You can earn frequent flyer miles with SAS EuroBonus every time you stay at one of our hotels
The membership levels Platinum and Black will give you access to Local Experiences. These are unique, local experiences which are tailored for the destination you are visiting.
You will receive exciting and relevant travel offers
The membership is free
Spend your bonus points on, amongst other things
Free accommodation
Gift vouchers
Restaurant vouchers in Brussels, Belgium
Car rental from Avis


If you are looking for the cultural touch in connection with your stay at Thon Hotels we offer hotel packages with discounted tickets for concerts, theatre productions and revues. If you are in the mood to be thoroughly spoilt, we will conjure up an exciting weekend programme especially for you!

We reserve the hotel room and order tickets to one of the town¹s popular performances. The tickets can be collected from the reception desk on your arrival. If you prefer to dine out, we can reserve a table at one of many pleasant restaurants.

Do you want to do something just that little bit extra your colleagues? More and more businesses are booking their client arrangements, Christmas buffet, courses and seminars with us. Show & Scene makes the preparations so much easier. We enjoy an excellent cooperation with the biggest theatres and only pre-book seats with good views of the stage.



Thon Hotel Gausdal

Thon Hotel Skeikampen

Thon Hotel Vestlia

Thon Hotel Bjørneparken

Thon Hotel Hallingdal

Thon Hotel Sandven


Thon Hotel Astoria

Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge

Thon Hotel Bristol

Thon Hotel Gardermoen

Thon Hotel Munch

Thon Hotel Polar

Thon Hotel Spectrum

Thon Hotel Trondheim


Thon Hotel Ålesund

Thon Hotel Alta

Thon Hotel Arendal

Thon Hotel Backlund

Thon Hotel Brønnøysund

Thon Hotel Brygga

Thon Hotel Cecil

Thon Hotel Europa

Thon Hotel Gildevangen

Thon Hotel Gyldenløve

Thon Hotel Halden

Thon Hotel Hammerfest

Thon Hotel Harstad

Thon Hotel Høyers

Thon Hotel Kristiansund

Thon Hotel Lillestrøm

Thon Hotel Linne

Thon Hotel Maritim

Thon Hotel Moldefjord

Thon Hotel Nordlys

Thon Hotel Oslo Panorama

Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz

Thon Hotel Sandnes

Thon Hotel Slottsparken

Thon Hotel Stefan

Thon Hotel Terminus

Thon Hotel Torghatten

Thon Hotel Tromsø

Thon Hotel Ullevaal Stadion

Thon Hotel Vica

Thon Hotel Wergeland


Hotel Bristol

Thon Hotel Arena

Thon Hotel Åsgårdstrand

Thon Hotel Bergen Airport

Thon Hotel Elverum

Thon Hotel Highland

Thon Hotel Kautokeino

Thon Hotel Kirkenes

Thon Hotel Lofoten

Thon Hotel Opera

Thon Hotel Oslo Airport

Thon Hotel Oslofjord

Thon Hotel Prinsen

Thon Hotel Ski

Thon Hotel Triaden

Thon Hotel Vettre

Thon Hotel Vika Atrium

Thon Hotel Vårsøg


Thon Skitorget Apartments

Thon Kystferie Apartments