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Best Western International, Inc. is the world´s largest hotel chain with over 4.200 privately owned and operated hotels in over 80 countries around the world. Best Western differs from the traditional franchise chains being a member hotel chain ran on a non-profit basis.

Consequently, Best Western is the only hotel chain enabling its member hotels to keep their individuality and personal touch, and at the same time offer the services that only a global full-service hotel chain can offer. These services include amongst other things a fully integrated global reservations system, marketing and sales, purchasing, quality assurance and branding.


For every reason to travel there is a Best Western hotel. One of the unique factors that differentiate Best Western from several other hotel chains is the fact that each of our hotels are independantly owned and operated quality hotels with distinguished service, offering our guests exceptional experiences.

Best Western Hotels Norway presently has 18 hotels around the country. As all Best Western hotels they are independently owned and operated, they are small and medium-sized hotels of good 3-4 star standard, and suitable for groups as well as for individual travellers.


Best Western has got long traditions on the leisure market, and can offer the following programs for leisure travellers to Norway: Holders of the Summer Pass - Best Scandinavian Summer - get the best summerrates at the member hotels in Scandinavia.

Senior Citizens is entitled to 10% discount at all Best Western hotels world-wide.

If you are travelling in the Nordic countries with the ScanRail pass, you get reduced rates at all Best Western hotels in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


The Best Scandinavian Summer is our summer holiday program developed for those people who want to spend their holidays in beautiful Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden). Whether travelling with your family or friends we offer excellent net rates in each of our strategically located properties, and the offer gets better!

We have more than 100 Best Western hotels located throughout Scandinavia, situated in historical cities, overlooking magnificent fjords, close to the coastline and in scenic mountain regions. Every hotel is unique, some for their history, some for their charm and others for their individuality & warm welcome.

All rates are for a double room, with up to two adults and one child under 12. All rates include breakfast. Offer is subject to availability, terms and conditions apply.


With over 4.000 hotels Best Western is represented at most business destinations world-wide. We can also offer hotels by the sea, in the mountains and along the fjords where it is popular to redeem collected points and free night vouchers.

Gold Crown Club International is one of the few hotel frequent travel clubs that is truly international. You can earn points toward exciting awards at Best Westerns throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, and Australia. Our global business agreement Best Business Worldwide is a volume corporate rate program offering preferred corporate.

Your best place to do business worldwide

Would your company benefit from a global business agreement? Best Western Hotels can simplify your international business travels through the Best Business Worldwide volume corporate rate programme. By agreeing to meet a nominal room night commitment, Best Business Worldwide offers corporate travel managers preferred corporate rates at many Best Western hotels around the globe. With more than 4,000 locations in 85 countries, chances are there is a Best Western wherever your corporate travellers are headed. Let your Best Western representative put the world at your fingertips at the best rates available.


Our summer and weekend program - Best Scandinavian Holidays - offer good weekend rates for the remaining months of the year. If you plan on traveling in Norway why not become a member of our loyalty program- Gold Crown Club International? The loyalty program where you can earn points or miles for each stay. Senior Citizens is entitled to 10% discount at all Best Western hotels world-wide.

Additionally, European members have the opportunity to redeem their Gold Crown Club points in exchange for free room nights at over 1,200 Best Western hotels in Europe.

Membership is free - to join, please fill in our international internet application form on www.goldcrownclub.com



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