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Our hotels are not "ordinary" hotels. They are landed estates, country houses, manors, large and small timber-built hotels in pseudo-Swiss and Jugend (Art Nouveau) style, old coaching inns and many more historic buildings that have been transformed into beautiful, small, romantic hotels. The Historic Hotels consists of approx. 66 hotels and 25 restaurants and 2 ships which are members of the group.

Our ships boast all the historical refinements including authentic wooden decking, mahogany fittings, gilt-framed mirrors and brass lamps. The ships ply summer routes in beautiful surroundings and scenery, whether is D/S Skibladner on Mjøsa, Norway´s largest lake, or M/S Henrik Ibsen in the Telemark Canal.

A stay at one of our hotels is above all about giving you a warm, personal and welcoming experience in an atmosphere of real quality where the focus is always on the guest. We offer fine cuisine based on the very best ingredients, vintage wines from our wine cellars, original artworks on the walls, cultural experiences of the highest quality, interiors and decorations based on long traditions, first-class service and comfort, exciting history, a romantic atmosphere, peace and quiet, spa treatments, golf and much, much more.


Our hotels represent much more than a comfortable bed and a good meal: first and foremost we represent a rich diversity of experiences and activities, both indoors and outdoors. Your challenge is to choose something you don´t want to miss!

Our members are quality hotels that have faithfully maintained their historic integrity, architecture and ambience, and include many of Norway´s most charming hotels. Members of The Historic Hotels represent the diverse heritage and development of Norway in settings that range from the majestic countryside to refined urban centers and everything in between.

As a visitor you get a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of Norwegian nature with its extreme contrasts, combined with a stay at a hotel steeped in tradition.

The historic hotels & restaurants is a unique membership organisation containing many of Norway´s most charming hotels and restaurants. A very definite perception of the responsibilities of the proprietor is required to qualify, with the relating of history forming the setting for the guests own overnight stay and gastronomic experience. Our aim is to use the past as a backdrop for our guests, to enable them to create their own history based on experiences. It is our hope that these narrations may continue to live in the memories of our guests long after their return home.

Although the members of De Historiske each have their own distinctive characters, you will find that they have features in common: a warm welcome, good service, a friendly atmosphere and high quality in every respect. The quality standards that the group has in common ensure a generally high standard in the group, and our values of hospitable, personal and quality conscious shall aid us in achieving our shared vision: we want visitors to find us "a good place to be".

Delicious meals and vintage wines, beautiful art and culture, design and decor based on deeply-rooted tradition and history, elegance, exciting tales, a romantic atmosphere and much more can be experienced without leaving the hotels. Golf, glaciers, sleigh rides, ski trails, fjords, waterfalls, fishing, hunting, boating, mountain tops, museums, shopping, horse riding, walking tours and many other activities are there to tempt you right outside your door.

We offer far more than just a comfortable hotel bed and a tasty meal: we represent a wealth of experiences, for both the body and the soul.


Bring your family or your loved one to a charming restaurant - enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in one of the oldest restaurants in Norway.

Our restaurants in Bergen is Lyststedet Bellevue, Bryggen Tracteursted, Fløien Folkerestaurant. Restaurant in Bærum, near Oslo is Værtshuset Bærums Verk and Restaurant in Røros is Kaffestuggu.

Menus based on the best raw materials, combined with comprehensive wine lists, and friendly, thoughtful service, makes a visit an experience you and your guests will remember.

For centuries our kitchens has been known to be the best of their sort. Mixing modern cuisine and respect for our traditions, our menus represent a rich selection both in contents and style.

Our menus span from traditional Norwegian cuisine to exiting menus inspired by changing fashion and trends from our times, still always safely anchored in each restaurant´s own traditions. We can offer something for each taste, either for lunch or dinner.

Guests from all over the world tell us their visit was a unique experience of Norwegian cuisine. Our restaurants take pride in serving the best traditional food from Norway, and you are heartily welcome!


Considering Norway´s small population, the number of golf courses is impressive. Where capacity allows it, guests can play for the green fee, which normally amounts to NOK 150 - 350. Several of our hotels are in close distance to a local golf club.


In historical surroundings with atmosphere and soul, we are confident you will find the peace and quiet you need for work, and inspiration. Combine this with social activities, and you have the foundation for fruitful results. Our members, provide the setting for a harmonious combination of work and social activites, and offer you the quality and service your meetings require.


If you want to hold your wedding in unique surroundings, have a very different honeymoon and celebrate the occasion with a choice meal, contact us at tel. +47 55 31 67 60 or contact our members directly.


A multitude of cultural experiences await you both at the De Historiske and in their surroundings. If you are interested in cultural history, pictorial art, arts and crafts, architecture, music or interior decorating, a tour of our member hotels is an experience in itself. If you want to go to museums, theatres or exhibitions, or to enjoy the landscape, whether natural or cultural, you will find just about all you want within a short distance of our members.




Værtshuset Bærums Verk

Strand Restaurant


Gamletorvet Spiseri


Vertshuset Curtisen


Ingierstrand Bad Restaurant


Børsen festlokaler


Ekeberg Restaurant


Gamle Logen

Festningen Restaurant

Gamle Raadhus Restaurant

Grand Cafe

Dyna Fyr


Grand Konferanse- og Festlokaler

Bryggen Tractursted

Fløien Folkerestaurant


Bare i Børsen

Kalfaret Brygghus


Gamleposten 5444


Lothes Mat & Vinhus


Apotekergata No.5


Lian Restaurant







Dr. Holms Hotel


Sundvolden Hotel


Sola Strand Hotel