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Nordland offer a beautiful scenery, with unique mountain formations, has from ancient times given rise to myths and legends which are still very much alive today. Rich fishing grounds formed the basis for settlment on the islands far out to sea. The battle against the elements has made the people determined and perhaps a little reckless.

 N A M E
 Lofoten  Rich fishing grounds  Several
 Raftsundet  Coral reefs, skerries and shallow sand bars  Several
 Saltstraumen  The strongest maelstrom in the world  Bodø
 Kjerringøy  Spectacular natural scenery  Bodø
 Henningsvær  Unlike many other fishing villages  Henningsvær
 The Svolvær Goat  Characteristic peak  Svolvær
 Seven Sisters  The famous rock formation  Sandnessjøen
 Nesstraumen  The second strongest maelstrom in the world  Skutvik
 Mount Torghatten  One of nature´s most peculiar wonders  Brønnøysund
 Rødøyløva  Sphinx with a hue of reddish serpentine  Rødøy
 the Horseman  The unique mountain formation  Lovund
 Svartisen  The most famous Glaciers in the Arctic Circle  Meløy
 The Skier  Prehistoric rock art  Røøya
 Stetind  the national mountain of Norway  Tysfjord
 Fagernesfjellet mountain  The slopes almost down to the water`s  Narvik
 Lundefestivalen  Norway´s biggest nesting sea birds.  Røst
 Knut Hamsun  Knut Hamsun´s childhood home.  Hamarøy
 Theodor Kittelsen  The illustrator of fairy tales and trolls.  Værøy
 Theodor Kittelsen  The illustrator of fairy tales and trolls.  Røst
 Whalesafari  Whale Safari from Andenes.  Andenes