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You can see and experience different Museums, Collections, Open-air museum open all year. Vestfold has a beautiful coastline, scattered with magnificent beaches and majestic bare rock faces, tempts many to bathe. In Vestfold you will find activities for all ages.

 C U L T U R E  N A M E
T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P
 Norwegian Navy Museum  The oldest navy museum  Horten
 Horten Automobile museum  Approximately 45 historical motor vehicles.  Horten
 Preus museum  National museum for photography.  Horten
 Local Historical Centre  Collection of local history.  Horten
 Midgard Historical Center  Viking centre in Vestfold.  Borre
 Edvard Munch´s house  A spartan fisherman´s cottage.  Åsgårdstrand
 Larvik Museum  The museum is in the Langestrand.  Larvik
 Larvik Sjøfartsmuseum  Larvik Maritime Museum.  Larvik
 Den Grevelige Residens  Herregården, the mansion.  Larvik
 Kaupang VikingCity  Viking City in Viksfjorden.  Kaupang
 Brunlanes Historielag  Brunlanes Historielag.  Brunlanes
 Hedrum bygdetun  Hedrum bygdetun in Kvelde.  Larvik
 Vestfold Fylkesmuseum  Presents the history of Vestfold.  Tønsberg
 Slottsfjellsmuseet  Castle hill.  Tønsberg
 Haugar Vestfold Art Museum  Art museum.  Tønsberg
 Hvalfangstmuseet  Whaling history.  Sandefjord
 Holmestrand Aluminium museum  Aluminium history.  Holmestrand
 Eidsfos Verk  Ironwork history.  Eidsfoss
 Berger museum  Berger museum with Fossekleiva Cultural Center.  Svelvik