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Telemark´s impressive cultural traditions and their own growing interest in the national heritage have drawn artists and folklorists to the county from the the mid 1800´s until the present. An impressive number of artists and writers have been born and bred in Telemark, combining their rich cultural heritage with an eager acceptance of new impulses.

 N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 The Telemark Canal  Stretches 105 kilometres from Dalen.  Several
 Dalen Hotel  A fairy tale hotel.  Tokke
 Henrik Ibsen  Ibsen´s childhood home Venstøp.  Skien
 Porsgrunds Porselænsfabrik  Developed over generations.  Porsgrunn
 Vemork hydrogen factory  block German research into atomic fission.  Rjukan
 Eidsborg Stave Church  Stave church built in 1285.  Eidsborg
 Heddal Stave Church  Stave church built in 1275.  Notodden
 Theodor Kittelsen  Kragerø´s own son.  Kragerø
 Edvard Munch  Inspiration from Kragerø.  Kragerø
 Frits Thaulow  Inspiration from Kragerø.  Kragerø
 Sommarland  The family park.  
 Norsk Hydro  the birthplace of Norsk Hydro.  Notodden
 Notodden Blues Festival  Europas Blues Senter.  Notodden
 Morgedal  the "cradle of skiing".  Kviteseid