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Kongsberg group

 City of Drammen

For hundreds of years the banks of the Drammen River were characterised by river transport. Today the traditional industries have more or less disappeared, and many of the former factory sites are now being converted into residential areas Union Brygge and business parks. The area around Union has undergone the most extensive development work, including cultural arenas, small and innovative companies, a scince park, a new library and a built-up residential area.

Between the Science Park (Papirbredden) and Drammen Park there is built a pedestrian bridge called Ypsilon (built by Ruukki Construction).

To give users the broadest possible range of library services, three libraries have joined forces: The City Library of Drammen, The County Library of Buskerud County and Buskerud College Library.

The students can enjoy themselves in first-class practice-rooms, auditoriums and labs. Papirbredden comprises three different university colleges. In addition, the Papirbredden Career Centre is on the ground floor.

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