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The Skerries is Destination Sørlandet"s trademark. Sørlandet is the region with the highest number of hours of sunshine in Norway, and since time immemorial the inhabitants have been involved with the sea, the islands protecting the mainland (the skerries) and everything smelling of seaweed. We have a number of boats which can take you out among the skerries. Most of the boats have scheduled departures, and they can all be chartered.

 V I D E O  N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 NORWAY...  (5:32)  There are approximately 5.000.000 million Norwegians.  Several
 Kristiansand in 5 minutes  (5:17)  A taste of life at "the coolest riviera".  Kristiansand
 Skippers street  (8:19)  The Skippers Street is a very narrow.  Kristiansand
 Kilden Kristiansand  (1:01)  Kilden Performing Arts Centre.  Kristiansand
 Kristiansand Zoo  (9:07)  The family at Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park.  Kristiansand
 Südlichster Punkt  (2:02)  Most southerly point on the main land.  Lindesnes
 Lindesnes Fyr  (1:27)  The lighthouse was completed in 1916.  Lindesnes
 Spangereidkanalen  (3:03)  Goes through Lindesnes island.  Lindesnes