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Principal industries are Farming and forestry, industry, trade and commerce, public and private service industries. Place to visit: The Telemark Canal, Hotel Dalen the largest wooden building in Northern Europe, Telemark Summerland in Bø, Patmos Sculpture Paerk in Sauherad, Henrik Ibsen´s birthplace in Skien, Morgedal, known as the Cradle of Modern Skiing, Mount Gausta in Tinn the highest mountain in Telemark a popular winter and summer sports area.

 V I D E O  N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 NORWAY...  (5:32)  There are approximately 5.000.000 million Norwegians.  Several
 The Telemark Canal  (31:02)  The "eighth wonder of the world".  Several
 Heddal stave church  (2:15)  The largest Stave Church in Norway.  Notodden
 Hardangervidda1  (8:12)  Buskerud, Telemark, Hordaland.  Several
 Hardangervidda2  (5:36)  Buskerud, Telemark, Hordaland.  Several
 Hardangervidda3  (9:18)  Buskerud, Telemark, Hordaland.  Several
 Quality Spa & Resort  (2:35)  Childhood home in the centre of Kragerø.  Kragerø
 Diving in Krageroe  (2:35)  The coast offers extremely good opportunities.  Kragerø
 Eidkilen  (0:44)  The skerries are fascinating.  Kragerø
 Jomfruland  (3:33)  Kragerø´s own son.  Jomfruland
 A Little Town Down By The Fjord  (4:13)  The ferry traffic between Bamble and Brevik.  Stathelle
 Shrimp fish  (0:40)  Shrimp fish onboard Jeanett.  Langesund
 Fishing  (5:34)  The county is an eldorado for fishing.  Langesund
 Art Tempo  (5:36)  Most influential dramatist of his time.  Skien
 Ice crystals in Skien  (1:59)  Stretches 105 kilometres from Skien to Dalen.  Skien
 Boat tripp  (3:27)  From Porsgrunn to Stathelle.  Porsgrunn
 Giant mirrors  (1:30)  Giant mirrors on a 400-metre peak.  Rjukan
 Rjukan Ice Climbing  (4:06)  Over 170 frozen waterfalls.  Rjukan
 The Rjukan Sabotage  (9:54)  The Norwegian heavy water sabotage.  Rjukan
 Rjukanfossen waterfall  (0:54)  Rjukanfossen is a waterfall of 104 metres.  Rjukan
 Gaustatoppen Peak  (4:32)  The mountain is popular for downhill skiing.  Rjukan
 Gaustabanen  (4:50)  Right in the centre of the mountain.  Rjukan
 Krossobanen  (5:00)  The oldest cable-way in Scandinavia.  Rjukan
 Rjukan  (11:28)  Rjukan was created by Norsk Hydro.  Rjukan
 Langesund  (0:32)  Interesting flora and geology.  Langesund
 Dyrsku´n  (2:09)  Annual agricultural show held in Seljord.  Seljord