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Bergen, Norway´s second largest city, is richIy endowed with historical artefacts, an extensive shopping area and vibrant street life. You will find fjords, waterfalls and mountains everywhere, providing a natural framework for our county. Every day, 365 days a year, a Coastal Steamer ship leaves Bergen for Kirkenes.

 V I D E O  N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 NORWAY...  (5:32)  There are approximately 5.000.000 million Norwegians.  Several
 Bergen Chopper Tour  (6:33)  Get ready for spectacular aerial views.  Bergen
 Bergen1  (10:59)  Many times Bryggen has been devastated by fire.  Bergen
 Bergen2  (11:00)  The only cable car of its kind in Scandinavia.  Bergen
 Edvard Grieg  (2:35)  Edvard Grieg was born in Bergen of June 1843.  Bergen
 Bergen  (2:37)  The old parts of town are living history.  Bergen
 Bergen  (5:31)  Norway´s biggest cultural event.  Bergen
 Fløibanen  (5:04)  Only cable car of its kind in Scandinavia.  Bergen
 Fløibanen Funicular  (5:32)  You have not really seen Bergen before...  Bergen
 (City of Rain)  (5:00)  Bergen, the second largest city in Norway.  Bergen
 Wiev from Ulriksbanen  (5:25)  Mount Ulriken the highest of Bergen´s 7 moun...  Bergen
 Hurtigruten Video 3/3  (7:37)  The World´s "MBV" START and END in Bergen.  Bergen
 Mongstad  (4:26)  Industrial site located in two municipalities.  Lindås
 What a wonder  (2:18)  Varied mountain terrain around Voss.  Voss
 Knute Rockne  (2:40)  Born in Voss.  Voss
 Ekstremsportveko  (3:57)  Containing action packed shots of ...  Voss
 Rafting in Voss  (3:24)  White water rafting is a risky activity.  Voss
 Smalahove  (1:07)  Dissecting a sheephead (and eating it).  Voss
 Vøringsfossen waterfall  (3:44)  Vøringfossen has a 182 meters free fall.  Eidfjord
 Eidfjordfilmen  (3:54)  Hardangervidda is Northern Europe´s largest...  Eidfjord
 Etne gjennom årstidene   (8:41)  Etne has three nature reserves.  Etne
 Langfossen waterfall  (0:46)  Langfossen waterfall fall is around 612 meters.  Etne
 Åkrafjorden Norway  (5:53)  Åkrafjorden is a fjord arm to Skånevikfjorden.  Etne
 Låtefoss waterfall  (0:45)  Låtefoss waterfall famous "twin" waterfall.  Odda
 Mågelibanen/Trolltunga  (9:08)  Mågelibanen Funicular Railway.  Odda
 Trolltunga  (3:08)  Trolltunga a spectacular rock formation.  Odda
 Seaplane over Folgefonna  (7:51)  Odda surroundings have two national parks.  Odda
 Bømlo  (3:55)  Siggjo 474 metres is the highest peak.  Bømlo
 Finse  (3:23)  Finse is today predominantly a tourist centre.  Finse
 Modalen  (5:36)  Large income from hydro-electric power production.  Modalen
 Folgefonna Glacier  (0:55)  Norway still shows traces of the Ice Age.  Hordaland
 Briksdalsbreen Glacier  (4:49)  Briksdal glacier is a part of the Jostedal glacier.  Hordaland
 Svartisen Glacier  (4:41)  Glacier walking is an incredible experience.  Hordaland
 Hardangervidda1  (8:12)  Buskerud, Telemark, Hordaland.  Several
 Hardangervidda2  (5:36)  Buskerud, Telemark, Hordaland.  Several
 Hardangervidda3  (9:18)  Buskerud, Telemark, Hordaland.  Several