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Utøya, Utoeya island


Utøya is an island in Tyrifjorden. The island is 10.6 hectares and situated 500 metres off the shore, where road E16 passes by, 38 km (24 miles) driving distance north-west of Oslo city centre.

Utøya is owned by the political youth party Workers´ Youth League (Arbeidernes ungdomsfylking), which holds a summer camp there. The island was given as a commemorative gift during August 1950 by Oslo og Omegn faglige samorganisasjonen (Oslo Trade Union Confederation), a cooperative body for the main professional organizations. Utøya can also be hired as a camp site and for events.

On Friday 22 July 2011 a mass shooting took place at the AUF´s summer camp, where 500 - 700 youths were present. A man dressed as a police officer, named Anders Behring Breivik, arrived on the island, telling those there that he was there for security reasons after the explosion in Oslo only hours prior, before shooting at individuals. The Oslo explosion left 8 dead and the government building totally in ruins.

The attacks left 69 victims dead on Utøya. Additional injuries were also understood to have occurred. Police and rescue personnel were, in the early hours local time Saturday, still searching on the island, along the waterfront and in the water.

The Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg reported late in the day on the 22nd that a man disguised as a police officer began shooting at the Utøya Labour youth camp where Stoltenberg was originally scheduled to attend a Labour Party youth conference.

As the investigation continues, several witnesses have expressed doubt that there was only one shooter. The police have received descriptions of a second gunman, and are currently working to confirm or deny the accuracy of this new information. Due to the uncertainty surrounding these witness descriptions and the chaotic nature of the events the police have, as a matter of precaution, yet to make an official comment on the matter.