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Kongsberg group


Drammen, the capital of Buskerud. The city grew up around the Drammen River estuary, and the river formed the basis of its proud history as a seaport. Drammen have adopting the areas around the river to create recreational, cultural and residential areas and walking trails along the riverside to enjoy. Restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and shopping complexes, and other places have opened.

Drammensmarka Drammen is situated in a beautiful valley, on the shores of a wide, clean river abounding in fish. Enjoy the view from Spiraltoppen, (Spiralen the roof of Drammen). Within the borders of Drammen we have two alpine slopes, including snowboard. Drammen Skicenter, (Aronsløypa), there is a ten minute walk to the gorge itself and on the Strømsø side we have Drammen Slalåmclub (Haukåsløypa).

Hamborgstrøm Forest with 200-year-old trees has a rich flora and fauna. It is just a stone´s throw from the city centre, and a real haven og peace, full of well maintained tracks and paths, and is very popular with people of all ages.
 Jørgen Jørgensen