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Whether you´re looking for a Temporary solution or a Specialist to fill a strategic role in your company"s future...

This is a presentatation of persons CV who are in the market to want a job NOW or in the FUTURE. They will present their CV and their profile on Facebook or Twitter. To see and contact them the companies need Username and Password given them by GoNorway.

Here you can find institutions from Elementry School to Higher education located all over Norway.


It happens again and again. Typos are devastating because workers interprets them as a lack of awareness of the details.


A rule of thumb is that you can use a page for each decade you have been at work. A tenpages CV will not be read properly.


If you are not seeking a design job, you should concentrate on making your application clean and legible.

Confidential Information

Between 5 and 10 percent of all job applications contain confidential information (about the applicant´s current employer). It tells me that an employer that I never should employ these candidates.


Putting a lie down in a job application is never, never, never, worth it. Everyone, up to and including CEOs get fired for this. There are three major problems with lies: that the individual is revealed, that lies follow you forever.