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The municipality lies only 10 old Norwegian miles from Oslo. Settlement is scattered, with some concentration around the municipality"s two principal centers, Noresund situated on the east side of Lake Krøderen and Krøderen at the southern end of Lake Krøderen.

 Villa Fridheim  
The theme manor on Bjørøya, in the middle of the Krøderfjord. Villa Fridheim, a manor house which houses a folk museum, is one of Norway´s largest timber buildings. The style is representative of romantic nationalism. The building was erected in 1890-92 as the country house of Drammen based timber merchant Svend Haug and his wife Thea Haug.

Inside the villa there are a number of beautiful fairytale tableaux and fairytale decorations. A fairytale adventure route has been laid out in the grounds.
 Trond Østgaard