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The copper of the Statue of Liberty in New York came from Karmøy. A pearl in the West Located at the southernmost tip of Karmøy, where the lighthouses peer out ouer Skudefjord and the North Sea, lies the charming harbour and fishing village of Skudeneshavn.

Åkrehamn, AAkrehamn

The natural and cultural landscape is highly heterogeneous, encompassing chalk-white sands, moorland and several piers around the island. The landscape in the north is mainly agricultural, while large parts of the inland south are heather moors.

The island has many white, sandy beaches facing the North Sea, attracting surfers as one of the top spots for windsurfing in Norway. Built up places are for the most part located along the coast, the main such areas being Kopervik, Åkrehamn and Skudeneshavn.

 Turid Sønstabø