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 The city of Sarpsborg
 Hafslund Manor
 "Oslo Agreement"
 Hansa Borg Bryggerier
 Glomma River

Sarpsborg is the home of Borg Bryggerier, part of the Hansa Borg Bryggerier, which is Norway´s second largest brewery-group. The area around the lower Glomma River is one of the important industrial centers in Norway, producing ships, chemicals, rubber, and processed food. Timber is floated down the Glomma from the Østerdalen valley for processing.

"Sarpen" is the last waterfall in river Glomma, which is the longest river in Norway. Sarpefossen has the greatest flow of any waterfall in Europe. The fall rights belonged to the famous Hafslund Manor, which had utilised the falls since the seventeenth century to work a mill, a gristmill and a sawmill. Today Hafslund Manor is one of Norway´s most impressive manor houses. On the very place where the first "Oslo Agreement" between Israel and Palestine was signed - at Hafslund Manor.

 Airport Oslo Airport Gardermoen (Internationale)  Gardermoen
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 NSB Østfold Railway / Gothenburg (Norwegian State Railway).  Sarpsborg
 Coach Where the rail network stops, the bus goes further.  Sarpsborg
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