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 the City of Larvik
 Thor Heyerdahl
 Kon-Tiki Expedition
 Svenner Fyr
 Colin Archer
 Fredriksvern Verft
 Oddane Sand
 Numedalslågen river

Larvik is famous for its" beautiful Beechwood (Bøkeskogen) and Farris Well have their source and where Mølen, with its" burial mounds from the Iron Age, forms the end of the moraine as it slopes into the sea. The "Ra" dams Farris lake, which is the source of drinking water for the greater part of Vestfold´s population.

The 123 km coastline is a summer paradise with many cottages and camp sites. Inland in the community there is the Lågen Valley with salmon fishing, farm tourism, a landscape full of our cultural heritage, and a fantastic natural environment with the country´s densest population of Elk.

In the town´s little skerry park, Tollerodden, a stone´s throw from the nautical museum, are placed statues of both Thor Heyerdahl and Colin Archer, reminding us of the great significance the sea has had for Larvik. The artist town of Stavern, also known as "Norway´s Smile", is situated in the community.

In 1750 King Fredrik V commissioned the construction of Fredriksvern Verft, which would be Norway´s premier naval base and largest naval port. The most outstanding building on Freriksvern is "Fredriksvern Church". Completed in 1756, it is a beatiful blend of renaissance and baroque architecture. Built along the shoreline in 1926, "The Rememberance Hall" (Minnehallen) is Norway´s monument to fallen seamen. The building was constructed by builders from Bohuslen. The monument´s unique pyramid-shaped construction today serves as a landmark welcoming all sailors to Stavern.

 Airport Torp Airport Sandefjord (Private)  Torp
 NSB  The Vestfold Railway (Norwegian State Railway).  Larvik
 Coach  Where the rail network stops, the bus goes further.  Larvik
 Ferry Color Line operates four international cruise ferry lines.  Larvik
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