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 The city of Porsgrunn
 Porsgrunns Porselænsfabrikk

Porsgrunn porcelain factory is situated near the river in Vestsiden. It is open by prior arrangement to groups who can follow production from clay right through to the finished product, decorated and fired. The factory shop is open all summer. The district of Porsgrunn is today part of a larger piece of land, called Grenland.

The small village of Langangen offers the sea and good swimming and fishing facilities, along with excellent hiking areas.

Brevik is Grenlands summer town. Situated on the outermost part of the Sylterøya island in Brevik, "Batteriet" is the site of historic events dating way back, including the beheading of mail robber Ole Berg on October 19, 1838.

 Airport Skien Airport (Private)  Skien
 Airport Torp Airport Sandefjord (Private)  Torp
 NSB The Sørland Railway (Norwegian State Railway).  Porsgrunn
 Coach Where the rail network stops, the bus goes further.  Porsgrunn
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