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Sandnes is known as Norway´s bicycle city, mainly due to the fact that the bicycle manufacturer Øglænd DBS was situated here for decades. The city offers a variety of routes for everyday riders and tourists. Since 1996 a public bicycle rental programme has been in operation in the city.

 Sandnes Rådhus  
Sandnes rådhus, raadhouse

The city of Sandnes is located about 15 kilometres south of Stavanger, and these two cities have expanded so as to form a conurbation. The municipality of Sola is located to the west, Klepp and Time to the south, and Gjesdal and Forsand to the east. The Gandsfjorden is situated north-south and ends in the centre of Sandnes.

The international airport of Stavanger is situated in Sola.

 Ingvald Klungtvedt