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Gildeskål´s natural surroundings provide excellent opportunities for outdoor life. From the magnificent coastline with its fjords and countless islands, to deep-sea fishing trips, to wild mountain areas.

Rødgården, Roedgaarden

Inndyr, the township centre, has a population of about 900 and is the seat of the local council administration.

Rødgården House (Listed building from the year 1630), Old Gildeskål Church, built in 1130, The Forgotten City (Artscape Nordland), Storviksanden Beach, The Isle of Fugløya (Puffin colony, etc.), Rare orchids, Caves, Sundsfjordfjellet Mountains, Kjellingstraumen, Blix-gården House (The home of Elias Blix), The Storvikskaret Pass (Viewpoint).

 Arve Landmark