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 City of Drammen

Drammen city centre lies at the end of a valley, on both sides of the Drammen River, and where the river meets the Drammensfjord. Drammen is also the main harbor for car and fruit import in Norway.

Bridges: Drammen City Bridge concrete bridge which connects the two centers of the town, built 1936. Drammen Bridge motorway box girder bridge that crosses Drammenselva, built 1971. Ypsilon bridge cable-stayed bridge over Drammenselva, built 2007. Øvre Sund bridge is 250 meter and was open September 2011.

The Øvre Sund area, the so-called Biedermeier district situated along Drammenselva, will be regulated by the municipality in order to restore this area´s character. The buildings there are from the 18th and 19th century, and contribute, as well as the river and the brewery, to give the city a special identity. One of the houses served as a maternity room, another one as an apothecary. Today, with its large and characteristic buildings, the Biedemeier district is a well-preserved residential area.

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