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 Old Hellesund

Blindleia Channel is a sailing area, from the centre of Lillesand to Gamle Hellesund - Ulvøysund. Ulvøysund is an old harbour which is also known by foreign ships. It is called Wolfsund on an old Dutch map from 1588. Nobody knows how long there have been people living here permanently, but the inn, the big house on the east side of the Skolebrygga, is said to be ovcr 400 years old.

In about 1670 Christian Jørgensen Ulvøen lived here. He was a citizen of Christiansand and had both money and good social rank. The mooring rights and inn were profitable. Christian IV is said to have spent the night here and the inn was in operation until 1854.

The inn was run by "Mother Ulvøysund" before it closed. She was known and loved from Lindesnes to the Swedish frontier. The place was also probably used as a loading port for oak which was shipped to Holland and England. It is said that there were as many as 72 sailing ships wintering here in 1860.

Today Ulvøysund is best known as a holiday resort, with only one or two people living here permanently. There is a road leading right down to the sound.

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