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 Old Hellesund

Approaching Gamle Hellesund, a small sample of the wonderful south coast of Norway. Here you can see Holiday properties belonging to millionaires. The boat connection between Kristiansand and Arendal, which dates from the 1870´s, was essential for the island dwellers on the BLlNDLEIA Channel.

According to an old Dutch sea-chart from 1596, the place was called Olde Hil Sondt. It was an old customs post and a refuge for sailing vessels. There has been a settlement here since 1729. In the 19th century a small shipy ard was built together with a beam bench (jetty with a keelhauling slip). There was a smithy there, too.

A number of shops were started up, including a photographic studio and a milliners. In the house known as Cuba there was a shoemaker´s workshop with 10 apprentices. The town also boasted a school and a post office, while the customs station in Langholmsund remained in operation until 1958.

 Old Hellesund
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