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marine harvestSalMarlerøy, leroey

 Old Hellesund

Brekkestø is one of the old beautiful outer harbours and essential for the BLlNDLEIA Channel. Summer guests started to visit Brekkestø before 1900, but it was actually the Oslo artists who discovered it as a holiday place in the summer. Many famous people spent their holidays here. Lillebil Ibsen and her sister came here as children, together with their mother. Gabriel Scott wrote "Kilden" and "Himmellosen" here, while Nils Kjær was famous for his "Brekkestø Letters".

Christian Krogh was a regular guest and used the people here as subjects for his pictures. Boating thrives here in the summer, and it has become a popular meeting place for yachtsmen. Brekkestø has a public jetty, summer shops, fuel sales outlet, post office and toilets.

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