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 Old Hellesund

Høvag is the old administrative centre for the district of Høvag. Fused with Vestre Moland and Lillesand districts in 1962. There is the old council house, old people´s home, post office, bank and shops. The old parsonage in Høvag (now privately owned) was the childhood home of the poet Gabriel Scott. Guided tours in Gabriell Scott´s Høvag. Combined tour by bus-boat where the place names in Høvag mentioned in Gabriell Scott"s works are presented.

Isefjær is one of the best places to have a bath in the summer because the water is much warmer than in the ocean, the temperature in the water is usually more than 20 degrees Celsius. This fjord is about 5 km long and very narrow.

Isefjærleiren is the perfect place for naturists from both Norway and abroad. Here you can enjoy the sun and warmth in beautiful surroundings, and take a dip in the fjord with the warmest swimming temperatures in the country. You may stay in your own camping unit, or you may rent a room or a cabin from us. Isefjærleiren is placed in a very central location for many of the things going on in the region.

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