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Arendal has gone from being a small southern village, based around seven small islands, to become the tenth largest town in Norway in terms of population. Other villages in the municipality include Tromøy, Rykene, Eydehavn, Strengereid, Kongshamn, Kilsund, and Hisøy.

Kløkers house, Kloekers house Arendal museum "Kløckers House" in Tyholmen was built as a private residence in 1812. Shows how a privileged member of the upper classes lived some 100 years ago. Furniture from the 17th to 19th centuries. The old part of the town, with a number of uniquely preserved houses and buildings from 1600-1900, including the town museum and the town hall. Awarded the Europa Nostra Silver medal in 1992 for the preservation and adaption to modern use.

Tyholmen captures the identity of the town of Arendal with its rows of impressive wooden buildings along the Pollen and Rådhusgaten streets, as well as the picturesque collection of small houses at Øvre Tyholmen.

 Karl Ragnar Gjertsen