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Drammen, the capital of Buskerud. The city grew up around the Drammen River estuary, and the river formed the basis of its proud history as a seaport. Drammen have adopting the areas around the river to create recreational, cultural and residential areas and walking trails along the riverside to enjoy. Restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and shopping complexes, and other places have opened.

 Landfalløya bridge  
gulskogen bridge The first bridge to the island was built in 1867 when Randsfjord Railway was connected to Drammen. The old bascule mechanism from this bridge can still be seen. At the end of the bridge is Fløia, an old stately home from 1847. Gamle Landfalløya was a separate district just outside town, a place where neighbourhood farmers would trade.

Beside the old old bascule mechanism there is built a new bridge called Landfalløya bridge.
 Bjørn O. Hansen