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Vågan municipality includes almost all of the islands of Austvågøy, Gimsøy and a number of small islands, among them Henningsvær and Skrova. Svolvær is the "capital" of Lofoten, and an important junction for the entire region. Lofoten´s cod fishing season is between January and April.

Henningsvær, Henningsvaer "The Venice of Lofoten" and one of Lofoten´s largest fishing villages, with approximately 540 inhabitants. Henningsvær is one of the most distinctive and idyllic fishing villages in Lofoten with the 942 metres high Vågakallen.

There is a pure white, inviting beach in Rørvik, close to Henningsvær. Henningsvær was connected to the mainland by bridges. The Henningsvær Bridges are two box girder cantilever bridges made of prestressed concrete. The bridges connect Henningsvær to the rest of Vågan municipality. The two bridges are called Engøysundet Bridge and Henningsvær Bridge.
 Michael Haferkamp