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Stranda, Geiranger, Hellesylt
The tourist trade in Stranda municipality is varied and robust. The villages are Geiranger, Hellesylt and Liabygda. Geiranger and its fjord are examples of Mother Earth at her most beautiful and impressive. Stranda has a very varied economy with a wide range of jobs. It has 160 modern meat-production, dairy farms and shopping opportunities.

Stranda Stranda has a reputation for being a good place to grow up in. There is plenty of activity, work and leisure, making Stranda´s four districts pleasant places. Sports clubs, alpin skiing centre, cross country slopes, rifle clubs, song and music groups, humanitarian and Christian organisations do good and varied work for children and adults.

In the alpine area at Strandafjellet, there are six Ski tows and alpine pistes. Strandafjellet is one of the few places in the world where one could actually ski from the top of a mountain and go the whole way down, to the fjord.
 Bjørn Hansen