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Villages in Vindafjord is Ølen, Ølensvåg, Bjoa, Vikebygd, Skjold, Vats, Sandeid, Vikedal and Imsland.

 Låkafossen waterfall  
Låkafossen, Laakafossen Låkafossen waterfall is a part of the Vikedalselva river forming a 30 metre high waterfall characteristic of the Norwegian landscape. The waterfall has created an impressive canyon which has a large boulder resting on it to form a top. Låkafossen has 30 meter free fall, and the water goes down through a canyon, and that some of the water comes out from a ravine. High up there lies a mountain block of the falls, hence the name Låket. Here came a dry-shod over the river before the bridge came. By Låkafossen waterfall runs in a narrow current with potholes. In actual waterfall there potholes in diameter from 30 cm to about 5 meter.
 Tor André Johannessen