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Villages in Vindafjord is Ølen, Ølensvåg, Bjoa, Vikebygd, Skjold, Vats, Sandeid, Vikedal and Imsland.

Ølen, OElen Ølen is the regional centre of Inner Haugalandet of which Ølensjøen is the largest town with approximately 1.450 inhabitants. Much of Ølen is bound by the sea, which allows for good fishing and bathing possibilities. Take a ferry and sail between forseted islands, watching the deep fjords changing from turquoise to dark blue with the shifting sunlight.

From the several scenic view points around Ølen, the landscape ranges from forested hillsides, to the snow-capped peaks of the glacier Folgefonna which stands regally in the distance.
 Ola Sørensen