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Villages in Vindafjord is Ølen, Ølensvåg, Bjoa, Vikebygd, Skjold, Vats, Sandeid, Vikedal and Imsland.

Skjold kyrkje, Skjold Church Skjold Church is a beautiful building, in addition to church services, host frequently used for cultural activities, concerts and art exhibitions. Skjold is a populous village with approximately 1390 inhabitants. Skjold school is the biggest school in Vindafjord, a combined primary and secondary school, which in addition also takes the young pupils from Vats and Vikebygd.

The village has a central stadium and gymnasium located at the school. This is also a kindergarten. The private sector, in addition to agriculture, tied to small craft businesses within the building / construction.
 Trond Husebø