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Lillehammer the gateway to Gudbrandsdalen Valley. A charming small town on the shores of Lake Mjøsa. Due to the XVII Olympic Winter Games in 1994, the town now can offer a number of unique facilities spanning from sports facilities, cultural institutions, restaurants etc. and accommodation. In addition to the many cultural activities, you can visit the Olympic arenas, take walks, boat trips, shop and attend a number of local events.

In the hart of Norway, you will find beutiful scenery and a number of oppornitues for enjoyment and activities. Pure air and water you can take for granted. There are plenty of natural gems. Whether you travel alone or in a group with a guide - you will experience peace and harmony.

History, traditions and old building techniques survive side by side with a modern lifestyle. Mountains and valleys, town and village, old and new. You can travel from one to the other and put together a travel package suited for your own specific tastes. The area has a long history of satisfied visitors.

 Airport Oslo Airport Gardermoen (Internationale)  Gardermoen
 NSB The Dovre Railway.  Lillehammer
 Coach Where the rail network stops, the bus goes further.  Lillehammer
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