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The varied mountain terrain around Voss could have been made for winter sports. It is not without reason that Voss has fostered more Olympic participants than aqy other place in the world. Voss offers excellent nursery slopes as well as demanding terrain for the most experienced. Voss has also excellent facilities for powdersnow sports.

 Hangursbanen cable car  
Hangursrestaurant, cable car top station Hangursbanen is a gondol cable car is 1126 metres long and has a top altitude of 660 above sea level. The cable car goes from ca 500 metres from the train station at Voss, up to the Hangursrestaurant, which is in the same building as the cable car top station. There are two gondolas on the lines, the Dinglo (red) and the Danglo (blue), which goes on each own side, but on the same cable. When one is at top, the other one is at the bottom. The names come from the swaying from side to side which is "dingling" in Norwegian slang.