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 Eikesdalsvatnet lake
 Mardalsfossen waterfall
 Aursjøen lake

This area is very mountainous, surrounded by peaks up to 1964 meters high, which caused the architecture in this valley to be different than that of other villages. Eikesdal village is located at the south end of the Eikesdalsvatnet lake at the mouth of the Aura river. The lake is about 20 kilometers long and 155 meters deep. Kleneggen (1964 meters) is Eikesdal´s highest mountain.

The Mardalsfossen waterfall lies about 2.5 kilometres northwest of the village. Majestic Mardalsfossen waterfall remains a tourist attraction during the summer. The total height is 705 meters and this qualifies Mardalsfossen waterfall as the world´s fourth highest waterfall. The Eresfjord village is located about 25 kilometres north, at the other end of the lake. The Aursjøen lake lies about 20 kilometres southeast of Eikesdalen.

The legal position in Norway about BASE jumping, also sometimes written as B.A.S.E. are made welcome. Base jumpers from Strandkolvet, Lysefjord (from the mountain Kjerag) is OK. Some other Norwegian places, like the Trollwall, are banned because of dangerous rescue missions in the past.

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