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Norway is officially the best place in the world to live, according to the UN. The country is long and narrow, with more than 30% of the land covered by forests, many rivers and lakes. Nearly half of the country is given over to mountain ranges.

Strandkolvet, Eikesdal Nesset rectory, Eidsvaag Langfjorden, Eidsvåg, Eidsvaag, Ljøsmyra, Ljoesmyra Mardalsfossen waterfall Bugge, Skjorta, Eresfjord
Boggestranda Meisalfjellet, Meløya, Meloeya, Eidsøra, Eidsoera Goksøyra, Goksoeyra, Eresfjord Vistdalen Meisalfjellet, Raudsand, Sunndalsfjorden
Eikesdalsvatnet, Litlfjellet Hoem, Ogottinden Finset, Eikesdal Langedalen, Vistdal Visa river, Håndedalen, Håndedalen