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This area is very mountainous, surrounded by peaks up to 1964 meters high, which caused the architecture in this valley to be different than that of other villages. Eikesdal village is located at the south end of the Eikesdalsvatnet lake at the mouth of the Aura river.

Boggestranda Boggestranda is located along the east side of the Eresfjorden, about 10 kilometres south of Eidsvåg and 10 kilometres north of Eresfjord. There are some very old rock carvings in Boggestranda.

Date from a time when people lived from hunting and fishing. They are possibly records of valutable hunting grounds and large herds of game, carved onto the mountain during the Stone Age. The carvings can be found in three separate locations and the oldest dates back over 4000 years.
 Marina Gijesa