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 Moods of Norway
 Briksdal glacier
 Fjord horses
 Jostedals glacier

The impressive scenery and the valley´s dramtic history make a visit to Kjenndalen and Lodalen a special experience not to be missed. On two occasions, enormous rockslides from Ramnefjellet hit the lake below. The resulting flood wave wiped out the settlements of Nesdal and Bødal, killing 135 people. The years 1905 and 1936 will forever remind the people of Inner Nordfjord of the Lodalen disasters.

Farming, forestry, fruit growing, animal breeding for furs, small manufacturing industries, tourism and the service trades provide the main occupations. Moods of Norway is a Norwegian clothing brand started by Stefan Dahlquist, Peder Børresen, and Simen Staalnacke in Stryn.

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