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 Moods of Norway
 Briksdal glacier
 Fjord horses
 Jostedals glacier

The southernmost of the three short branches at the inner end of Nordfjord terminates at Olden from which a lovely valley, Oldedalen, strikes due south for some 20 kilometres between slopes rising sharply to more than 1700 metres to the edge of the Jostedals glacier. The turbulent river which feeds the Olden and Floen Lakes and forms magnificent falls two kilometres from the village, comes from the glacier tongues of the Jostedals glacier, lining the head of the valley around the pointed Middagsnibba (1440 metres). Briksdal glacier is a part of the Jostedal glacier icefield, which is the largest glacier on the European mainland.

Farming, forestry, fruit growing, animal breeding for furs, small manufacturing industries, tourism and the service trades provide the main occupations. Moods of Norway is a Norwegian clothing brand started by Stefan Dahlquist, Peder Børresen, and Simen Staalnacke in Stryn.

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