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A wide river enters the town from the east after meandering through the fertile lower valley, Stryn Valley, from the charming Stryn Lake. At the shore of the lake the Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre is situated.

 Oldedalen valley  
Oldedalen, Oldevatn lake Central to the valley Oldevatnet lake and Olden river that flows through the valley and into the scenery. The turbulent river which feeds the Oldevatnet lake and Floen lake and forms magnificent falls two kilometres from the village, comes from the glacier tongues of the Jostedals glacier, lining the head of the valley around the pointed Middagsnibba (1440 metres).

In Oldedalen valley also Hansa Borg Brewery bottler for the glacier water Olden together with Norsk Brevatn.
 Olden Camping