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Hjørundfjorden is a 35 kilometre long fjord, an arm of the larger Storfjord that stretches south from Ålesund. At the deepest point is the 441 meters measured south of Stavset and 440 meters outside Molaupen. Villages along the shores of the fjord include Leira, Sæbø, and Store Standal.

The ferry connection between Sæbø and Lekneset is part of Highway 655 between Ørsta and Tryggestad. This stretch also served by a route between Skår, Lekneset, Sæbø, Trandal and Standal. For the roadless hamlets Skår and Trandal the ferry is the only transport links with the outside world. From Standal the road goes along the bay north to Festøy where Hjørundfjorden enters Storfjorden. Festøy is located on the route E39. From here the ferry to Solevåg at the north of Storfjorden and to Hundeivik on the opposite side of Hjørundfjorden. The E39 goes westwards along Storfjorden against Ørsta.

Hjørundfjorden is surrounded by the Sunnmørs Alps mountain range in the municipalities of Ørsta and Sykkylven, with mountain peaks reaching 1,700 metres straight up from the fjord, including Skårasalen and Jakta. The further the fjord penetrates the mountains, the higher the peaks, from Jønshornet (1.419 metres) at the mouth of the fjord to Kvitegga (1.717 metres). The Hjørundfjord cuts its way into the very heart of the Sunnmørs Alps, cuthing the landscape into two halves.

Essentially, agriculture and tourism livelihood in the area. Around Hjørundfjorden is about 70 small lakes. One of these is Tusse Lake, which has given its name to the Tussa power company. The company has had Hjørundfjorden basis for its growth with Tussa power plant at Bjørke and later several small power plants along the Hjørundfjorden. Norangsfjorden is a side inlet to the Hjørundfjorden.

Norangsfjorden is a branch of Hjørundfjorden and 6.5 km long and maximum depth is 296 meters. Norangsfjorden inlets between Lekneset in the north, and Stålbergneset to the south. The are two villages Urkebygda on the north side of the bay and Øyelandet the sea bottom. Highway 655 runs on the east and north side of Norangsfjorden.

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