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 Ytre Standal
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 Sunnmørs Alps

Ørsta municipality is the largest on the mainland in the county of Møre and Romsdal, and farming is an important way of life. There is also a wide variety of industries, mainly furniture, metal and food-processing. Ørsta enjoys a vigorous cultural life with over 350 clubs and organisations. The main coastal highway E39 and RV 655 meet in Ørsta. Hovden airport has daily flights to Bergen and Oslo.

Ørsta´s dominant geographical feature is fjords, Storfjorden in the north, Vartdalsfjorden, Ørstafjorden in the west, and Hjørundfjorden in the east. Only in the south is it connected by land to neighbouring Volda. The municipality is also the heartland of the Sunnmørs Alps, a particularly rugged and wild area of mountains in the southern part of Møre and Romsdal. Prolific peaks include Slogen at 1,564 metres, Skårasalen at 1,542 metres, Kolåstinden at 1,432 metres, Ramoen at 1,419 metres, Saudehornet at 1,303 metres, and Romedalstinden at 1,295 metres. Other mountains include Hornindalsrokken, Kvitegga, and Jakta.

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