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 Sunnmørs Alps

Strandafjellet ski resort is a "gem" in Western-Norway, and the ski area offers runs of all difficulty levels. Strandafjellet is a relatively small, but exciting ski resort, with its 6 lifts and nearby mountain range. The mountains of Sunnmøre, often referred to as "The Alps of Sunnmøre", is famous for its steep mountains that go all the way down to the fjords. All kinds of winter sports can be practiced here, such as slalom, Telemark-skiing and snowboard, as well as toboganning and snow-rafting. The ski resort is designed to be a good alternative for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, and is suitable for entusiasts as well as families. Every year roughly 250 telemark skiers come together in the race Alperittet, from 1,230 metres (4,040 ft) above sea level and down to the fjord.

Stranda municipality has a very varied economy with a wide range of jobs. It has 160 modern meat-production and dairy farms. There are a number of longstanding businesses engaged in the production of fresh and cured meat products, a long tradition of furniture and textile manufacturing. Stranda have the biggest pizza producer in Norway by Stabburet (Grandiosa). The municipality has several fish-processing factories and mechanical engineering firms.

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