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 Sunnmørs Alps

The weather has always been important to the islanders of Ulstein. Being dependant on the sea for travelling and having a considerable part of the population making a living from fisheries; bad weather meant danger or a standstill in activity. Although this is not so much the case anymore, the weather still gets its share of attention.

The fact that large vessels now and then run on a reef and break up within eyesight contributes to the prolonged respect of the wind and the waves.

The habit of going by boat have continued and become the source of inspiration to the wide variety of ship and ship related industry dominating the business environment of the community. Unlike many other regions with a heavy concentration of marine industries Ulstein has managed to emerge into the third millennium stronger than ever. For those keen on exploring what goes on, just go by the sight of the heavy-duty cranes and look for yourselves.

Different part of the municipality such as Eiksund, Haddal, Garnes, Botnen, Hasund, Strandabøen, Dimna, Skeide, Ulstein and Flø, will give you some nature wonders. Altogether around 600 people are employed with the majority being employed within primary schools and health care. Ulstein recently elected to take on "City" status which by a recent change of law it can do on it own account.

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