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Flø is a village on the outer edge of the main island Hareidlandet. Facing west with no islands to fence off the seas, it receives the weather all year around in a direct fashion. It is a place for those who seek adventure and experiences that goes beyond a shrink-wrapped guided tour. There is no way of predicting what the weather is going to be like at Flø. And it better than  those not living there seem to believe. Farmers, fishermen and the increasing number of artistic people who inhabit Flø are notoriously patriotic and indefensibly chained to the place forever. Those who live at the main island are not always conscious they live on an island. This may be so since they look at the smaller islands off the coast of Ulsteinvik and compared to them Hareidlandet is more like the mainland.

Flø is approximately 10 km north and west of Ulsteinvik centre. A walk towards Flø takes you from calm waters to stunning ocean swells, breaking towards the shore at Flø. Most parts of the distance you may walk along the sea, passing numerous sandy beaches, but going by road also takes you close to the sea. Trying your luck with a fishing rod may reward you with a catch of the season – mackerel, haddock, halibut, cod and more. Stop at Flø feriesenter to rent a boat or go to the end of the public road where you will find a car park. Follow the farmer´s road towards a large rock/boulder. You may detour to picnic near the sea most places along this road. The rocks are well suited for climbing, and there are bolted routes close by. The third annual "Go With the Flø art festival", once again open by Magne Furuholmen playing a central part in the proceedings.

The Studio Hugo Opdal in Flø knows more than clothes from "Moods of Norway". What about some travelling tips when you are talking about mountain activities and the rugged terrain anyway and what to wear. If you visit one of our stores and bye a "piece of Norway" you can enter the competition "How many tractors are there in the municipality?". Post a picture from the store with the item on Facebook or Twitter a message as a proof that you have bought a "piece of Norway".

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